Who are we?


SIC, founded in 1992, is a Brussels based forum for Swedish-speakers interested in economics, finance and asset management. SIC is a network for sharing information, knowledge and experience. Since 2013, SIC has a sister club in Stockholm.


Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, except in July and August. The meetings start with a drink at about 18:15 followed, at 19:00, by different formal presentations. A dinner, to which the speakers are obviously invited, is served at 20:00 and the presentations continue at 21:00 to end around 22:00. Presentations, in English or Swedish, are made by speakers from major financial institutions, corporations, organizations and media. The aim is to introduce SIC members to new information about financial markets, products and services, but also to subjects of common interest, mainly in economics and politics. Lively and informed discussions are a SIC hallmark. SIC Stockholm hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, except in January, July and August. Invitations to these meetings are sent by email directly to the members.


Most of the 70 members are Swedes living in Belgium. Members have experience from executive positions in major corporations or public bodies, or from operating their own businesses and from managing their own portfolios. During the meetings, members contribute actively, sharing experience, knowledge and opinions.

Join us

SIC is a network without a charter or other formalities. If you want to become a member, or like to present a subject you think will interest us, or just want more information, please contact: Bo William Åmell, Chairman, Brussels, bowilliam@amell.eu, +32491512388 Nils Magnus Lilja, Vice Chairman, Brussels, lilja@chello.be, +3227717315 Jan Frydman, Chairman, Stockholm, jan@frydman.se, +46707198668



(Svenska) Carl Armfeldt presenterar Core Ny Teknik – en fond med inriktning på Innovation, Småbolag, Norden

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(Svenska) Danske Bank International, Luxembourg

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.


(Svenska) Niels Jensen, CIO, Absolute Return Partners, diskuterar sin senaste bok The End of Indexing

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