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Speakers in Brussels


Upcoming events:

  • 8 October. Saab.

  • 10 September. Investment strategies: How to position your portfolio in the face of current and future challenges? Mikael Petitjean, Waterloo Asset Management.

  • 11 June. Wine as an investment. Rare Wine Invest


  • 6 May. Outlook for China. Gustav Rhenman, AGCM

  • 9 April. Elections to the European Parliament. Nils Torvalds, MEP

  • 12 March. Outlook on the economy and markets in 2024. Henrik Drusebjerg & Johan Karlsson, Quintet Private Bank

  • 13 February. How to invest in India. Gunnar Påhlson, Carnegie Fonder

  • 16 January. The EU energy policy. Pierre Schellekens, EU Commission 


  • 12 December. Healthinvest. Portfolio managers Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult

  • 15 November. The European defense industry. ASD Secretary General Jan Pie

  • 10 October. The economic consequences of the Ukraine war. Anders Åslund

  • 12 September. Sweden after the election. Johan Hakelius

  • 13 June. The road to winning equities. Coeli Global Select

  •  9 May. Swedish Riksbank's interest policy.  Lars Jonung, prof. em and SIC member

  • 18 April. Markets and investment strategies. Robin Curry-Lindahl and Nils Magnus Lilja

  • 14 MarchMembers' evening

  • 14 February. Brexit. David Henig, Director, UK Trade Police, ECIPE

  • 25 Januari. Belgian tax news. Gregory Goossens, Partner, Taxpatria

  • 10 January. Art as investment. Michael Storåkers


  • 13 December. Ekonomy and markets 2023. Quintet Private Bank, Luxembourg

  • 9 November. SIC's thirty years celebration. Keynote speaker Teresa Küchler, Brussels correspondent of Svenska Dagbladet

  • 11 October. Alexander Bard. Tech and Internet in a broader perspective for the future

  • 13 september. The transformation of the European energy sector. Madelene Sundkvist, Policy Advisor,Vattenfall

  • 14 June. Hoi Publishing AB. Lars Rambe CEO

  • 10 May. Union Bancaire Privée, LuxembourgPatrick Soric

  • 6 April. Global indebtness. Robert Bergqvist, senior economist, SEB

  • 8 March. Electric cars. Sven-Åke Schönborg, SIC member

  • 8 February. Foodtech. Johan Jörgensen, co-founder, Sweden Foodtech

  • 20 January. Belgian tax news. Gregory Goossens, Partner, Taxpatria

  • 11 January. China, Economy, politics and international relations. Gustav Rhenman, founder and CIO, AGCM


  • 14 December. Economy and Markets in 2022. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Luxembourg

  • 9 NovemberHow to become a better equity investor. Ludvig Rosenstam Åhman, Danske Bank

  • 14 October. The Global Debt Crisis,John Mauldin

  • 14 September. TIN Fonder. Carl Armfeldt, Founder, CIO

  • 8 JuneMonaco's Consul General In Sweden, Jan Frydman, informs about this interesting country.

  • 11 MayCarnegie Fonder. Green investments. Anna Strömberg, Responsible for sustainability

  • 13 April.Lisa Seligson, Lancelot Asset Management and Robin Curry-Lindahl, Sparrowhawk Fund on  how to invest in today's markets

  • 9 March. Investor AB. Magnus Dalhammar, Head of Investor Relations.

  • 9 February. SIC-members Nils-Magnus Lilja and Alexander Koistinen discuss strategies for private investors.

  • 12 JanuaryRoland Freudenstein, Policy Director, Martens Centre, analyses the results of the US election and the possible consequences, with particular emphasis on economics and international relations.licy Director of the Martens CentrePolicy Director, Martens Centre


  • 8 December. Staffan Jeppsson, SIC-member, former IKEA Senior Executive and for many year the right hand man of IKEA founder Ingvar Kampraddescribes Kamprad's methods of leadership at IKEA. and SIC member

  • 10 November. Danske Bank International gives its view on economy and markets in 2021. Zoom meeting.

  • 20 October. Psychology in equity investments. Cristofer Andersson discusses how we can become better investors by managing the psychological aspects of decision making. Zoom meeting

  • 15 September. Henrik Brors, Challenges for EU and the Euro. Zoom meeting

  • 10 June.Fredrik Erixon, ECIPE, on the World economy after the pandemic.  Zoom meeting

  • 2 May. Lars Jonung, prof.em. and SIC member on the pandemic and the economy. Christian Valentin och Nils Magnus Lilja discuss the equity marketsVideo conference

  • 11 March.  Bo Dahlqvist, SIC member, on investing in Société Immobilière Reglémentée, SIR

       11 February. Neste, Salla Ahonen and Mikael Ohlström present the company, a leading producer of renewable energy

  • 14 January. Residential property in Belgium as investment objects for private investors. Theresia Landell, CDO, Eaglestone SA


      10 December. CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe), Susanne Räde, Wealth Manager and Marie Owens Thomsen, Chief Economist on economy and markets today and outlook for 2020

  • 12 November. EU's climate policy and the Paris Agreement, Daniel Wennick, Director, International Affairs, Energiföretagen Sverige.

  • 7 October. Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, activities in Sweden and Brussels. Anders Edholm, Head of the Brussels office. SIC-member Bo Dahlqvist sums up three pieces he recently published in L'Echo.

  • 10 September. Data Driven Capital Management, Peter Sjoeholm, Founder and CEO, Neox Capital. Strategic Investment Conference 2019, SIC-member Christian Valentin 

  • 4 June. Niels Jensen, CIO Absolute Return partners, discusses his book The End of Indexing.

  • 14 May. Danske Bank International gives an update on the markets and presents their model portfolios.

  • 9 April. Core Ny Teknik. Carl Armfeldt presents his new fund. FinTech news. Bo Åmell, SIC member reports from a conference in Paris.

  • 12 March. The political situation in Sweden. Ulrica Schenström, Political analyst and Senior Communications Consultant.

  • 12 February. Reflections on corporate leadership and humanitarian aid in developing countries. Percy Barnevik, founder HandInHandInternational.

  • 15 January. Looking into our digital future. Staffan Jeppsson, IKEA Strategy Consultant and former Senior Executive


  • 11 December. Long-term equity management in troubled times. Robin Curry-Lindahl, Sparrowhawk Fund. Belgian tax news in 2019. Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer.

  • 13 November. The markets in 2019. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.

  • 9 October. Analysis of the Swedish parliamentary election and the challenges facing the incoming government. MEPs Olle Ludvigsson and Christoffer Fjellner.

  • 12 September. Danske Bank International. Macroeconomic overview. Patrick Soric, Magnus Arefjäll, International Private Bankers, Hannamari Koivikko, International Wealth Planner

  • 12 June. FinTech. Karl Johannesson, technology consultant, Geoffroy Linard, board member, Birdee.

  • 8 May. Strategic Investment Conference 2018. Bo Åmell and Christian Valentin, SIC members. Wealth of the People. Bo Dahlqvist, SIC member.

  • 10 April. Investing in the secondary market for US life insurances. Jonas Mårtenson, Director, Resscapital AB

  • 13 March. China. Alexander Eriksson, Client Relationship Manager, East Capital.

  • 13 February. EU’s challenges. Rolf Gustavsson, journalist and European political analyst.

  • 9 January. The markets in 2018. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.


  • 12 December. Belgian tax news 2018, Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer. What is important for banks in a world of negative interest rates and ever more complex rules? Christian Valentin, SIC-member

  • 14 November.The Innovation Illusion, Fredrik Erixon, ECIPE. Why are productivity and GDP in the Westen World stagnating, in spite of new technologies? SIC-member Nils Magnus Lilja; Strong equity performance in 2017, but many warning signs.

  • 12 October. Nordic Capital Partners CEO Jacob  Eliasson, NCP's debt funds. Social entrepreneurship, Ashoka's Belgium head Elena Arène and entrepreneur Arnoud Ruskin

  • 14 September. Challenges facing the automotive industry, Lars Holmqvist, former CEO of CLEPA, the association of European automotive suppliers. Paris Europlace Financial Forum, Bo Åmell, SIC-member

  • 13 June. Origo Capital AB. Stefan Roos and Staffan Östlin, Fund managers. Israel’s economy. Nils Magnus Lilja, SIC member.

  • 9 May. Alice Tedorescu. Commentator on political and social issues

  • 10 April. IKEA. Staffan Jeppsson, IKEA Strategy Consultant and former Senior Executive

  • 9 March. Gadd Luxembourg S.A. Christer Hegardt, Founder and CIO.

  • 14 February. KBC Brussels

  • 10 January. Asset Management – unknown risks and management myths to watch out for. Rikard Lundgren, Risk management specialist.



  • 13 December. The markets in 2017. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.

  • 7 November. NASDAQ. Elina Yrgård, Senior Legal Counsel. Belgian tax news in 2017. Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer

  • 11 October. EU’s strategic challenges after Brexit. Gunnar Hökmark, MEP. Why has free trade become controversial? Jan Frydman, Special Advisor to the European Commission.

  • 20 September. IK Investment Partners. Björn Savén, Founder and Chairman

  • 1 June. How have the different parts of the ex-Soviet bloc developed and why? Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow, the Atlantic Council

  • 10 May. Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, activities in Sweden and Brussels. EU and the Swedish economy. Jens Hedström, Head of the Brussels office.

  • 12 April. Svenska Handelsbanken, a sustainable business strategy. David Haqvinsson, General Manager in the Netherlands.

  • 8 March. Project financing of real estate. Oscar Eriksson, Partner, Project Finance Sales, Pareto Securities, Stockholm.

  • 9 February. The challenges after COP 21. Pierre Schellekens, Deputy Head of Cabinet, EU Commission.

  • 12 January. The markets in 2016. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.



  • 8 December. The economic situation in Asia and other Emerging Markets. Fredrik Erixon, Director, ECIPE.

  • 10 November. Africa’s economy. Alexander Koistinen, SIC member

  • 13 October. The Swedish economy. Prof. Em. Lars Jonung, University of Lund

  • 8 September. Beyond Internet – Power, money and culture in a digital World. Per Strömbäck, Managing Director, Swedish Game Developers.

  • 6 June. Volvo Construction Equipment. Peter Sedin, Vice President, Industrial Strategy/SIC member

  • 12 May. Portfolio Diversification in a zero-interest economy. Fredrik Hermansson, Anders Persson, Roberth Josefsson, Nordea Bank SA.

  • 14 April. Healthinvest. Anders Hallberg, Founder and CEO.

  • 10 March Investing in precious metals. Leif Thorsén, SIC member.

  • 10 February. Sweden after the election. Dick Erixon, blogger, analyst.

  • 13 January. Lobbying in the EU. Karl Isaksson, Partner, Kreab Gavin Anderson, Brussels


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