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Speakers in Brussels

Upcoming events:

  • 14 January. Residential property in Belgium as investment objects for private investors. Theresia Landell, CDO, Eaglestone SA

  • 10 December. CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe), Susanne Räde, Wealth Manager and Marie Owens Thomsen, Chief Economist on economy and markets today and outlook for 2020

  • 12 November. EU's climate policy and the Paris Agreement, Pierre Schellekens, Deputy Head of Cabinet, EU Commission.


  • 7 October. Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, activities in Sweden and Brussels. Anders Edholm, Head of the Brussels office. SIC-member Bo Dahlqvist sums up three pieces he recently published in L'Echo.

  • 10 September. Data Driven Capital Management, Peter Sjoeholm, Founder and CEO, Neox Capital. Strategic Investment Conference 2019, SIC-member Christian Valentin 

  • 4 June. Niels Jensen, CIO Absolute Return partners, discusses his book The End of Indexing.

  • 14 May. Danske Bank International gives an update on the markets and presents their model portfolios.

  • 9 April. Core Ny Teknik. Carl Armfeldt presents his new fund. FinTech news. Bo Åmell, SIC member reports from a conference in Paris.

  • 12 March. The political situation in Sweden. Ulrica Schenström, Political analyst and Senior Communications Consultant.

  • 12 February. Reflections on corporate leadership and humanitarian aid in developing countries. Percy Barnevik, founder HandInHandInternational.

  • 15 January. Looking into our digital future. Staffan Jeppsson, IKEA Strategy Consultant and former Senior Executive


  • 11 December. Long-term equity management in troubled times. Robin Curry-Lindahl, Sparrowhawk Fund. Belgian tax news in 2019. Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer.

  • 13 November. The markets in 2019. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.

  • 9 October. Analysis of the Swedish parliamentary election and the challenges facing the incoming government. MEPs Olle Ludvigsson and Christoffer Fjellner.

  • 12 September. Danske Bank International. Macroeconomic overview. Patrick Soric, Magnus Arefjäll, International Private Bankers, Hannamari Koivikko, International Wealth Planner

  • 12 June. FinTech. Karl Johannesson, technology consultant, Geoffroy Linard, board member, Birdee.

  • 8 May. Strategic Investment Conference 2018. Bo Åmell and Christian Valentin, SIC members. Wealth of the People. Bo Dahlqvist, SIC member.

  • 10 April. Investing in the secondary market for US life insurances. Jonas Mårtenson, Director, Resscapital AB

  • 13 March. China. Alexander Eriksson, Client Relationship Manager, East Capital.

  • 13 February. EU’s challenges. Rolf Gustavsson, journalist and European political analyst.

  • 9 January. The markets in 2018. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.


  • 12 December. Belgian tax news 2018, Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer. What is important for banks in a world of negative interest rates and ever more complex rules? Christian Valentin, SIC-member

  • 14 November.The Innovation Illusion, Fredrik Erixon, ECIPE. Why are productivity and GDP in the Westen World stagnating, in spite of new technologies? SIC-member Nils Magnus Lilja; Strong equity performance in 2017, but many warning signs.

  • 12 October. Nordic Capital Partners CEO Jacob  Eliasson, NCP's debt funds. Social entrepreneurship, Ashoka's Belgium head Elena Arène and entrepreneur Arnoud Ruskin

  • 14 September. Challenges facing the automotive industry, Lars Holmqvist, former CEO of CLEPA, the association of European automotive suppliers. Paris Europlace Financial Forum, Bo Åmell, SIC-member

  • 13 June. Origo Capital AB. Stefan Roos and Staffan Östlin, Fund managers. Israel’s economy. Nils Magnus Lilja, SIC member.

  • 9 May. Alice Tedorescu. Commentator on political and social issues

  • 10 April. IKEA. Staffan Jeppsson, IKEA Strategy Consultant and former Senior Executive

  • 9 March. Gadd Luxembourg S.A. Christer Hegardt, Founder and CIO.

  • 14 February. KBC Brussels

  • 10 January. Asset Management – unknown risks and management myths to watch out for. Rikard Lundgren, Risk management specialist.



  • 13 December. The markets in 2017. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.

  • 7 November. NASDAQ. Elina Yrgård, Senior Legal Counsel. Belgian tax news in 2017. Gregory Goossens, tax lawyer

  • 11 October. EU’s strategic challenges after Brexit. Gunnar Hökmark, MEP. Why has free trade become controversial? Jan Frydman, Special Advisor to the European Commission.

  • 20 September. IK Investment Partners. Björn Savén, Founder and Chairman

  • 1 June. How have the different parts of the ex-Soviet bloc developed and why? Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow, the Atlantic Council

  • 10 May. Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, activities in Sweden and Brussels. EU and the Swedish economy. Jens Hedström, Head of the Brussels office.

  • 12 April. Svenska Handelsbanken, a sustainable business strategy. David Haqvinsson, General Manager in the Netherlands.

  • 8 March. Project financing of real estate. Oscar Eriksson, Partner, Project Finance Sales, Pareto Securities, Stockholm.

  • 9 February. The challenges after COP 21. Pierre Schellekens, Deputy Head of Cabinet, EU Commission.

  • 12 January. The markets in 2016. Frank Reisbøl, Managing Director, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A.



  • 8 December. The economic situation in Asia and other Emerging Markets. Fredrik Erixon, Director, ECIPE.

  • 10 November. Africa’s economy. Alexander Koistinen, SIC member

  • 13 October. The Swedish economy. Prof. Em. Lars Jonung, University of Lund

  • 8 September. Beyond Internet – Power, money and culture in a digital World. Per Strömbäck, Managing Director, Swedish Game Developers.

  • 6 June. Volvo Construction Equipment. Peter Sedin, Vice President, Industrial Strategy/SIC member

  • 12 May. Portfolio Diversification in a zero-interest economy. Fredrik Hermansson, Anders Persson, Roberth Josefsson, Nordea Bank SA.

  • 14 April. Healthinvest. Anders Hallberg, Founder and CEO.

  • 10 March Investing in precious metals. Leif Thorsén, SIC member.

  • 10 February. Sweden after the election. Dick Erixon, blogger, analyst.

  • 13 January. Lobbying in the EU. Karl Isaksson, Partner, Kreab Gavin Anderson, Brussels